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Frame chair
Made in Ukraine
Frame chair
Made in Ukraine


“DENVER” chair has 2 modifications, which makes it quite versatile and allows to use it as a chair for visitors and waiting zones. Additional special brackets allow you to use “Denver” chair in auditoriums. The small size of the brackets makes these chairs more mobile than their analogs and does not interfere for sitting persons. If chairs need to be transported, the sections are easy to disassemble. It is also possible to stack the chairs up to 10 pcs. in a bundle.

“Denver” chair manufactured by Young Ukraine Ltd. is a certain alternative to the classic, but no less unreliable ISO chair due to the difference in its construction, as well as better welding work.

We also produce an additional version of this chair, which is called ”Denver-A” and has similar properties, but equipped with armrests and has increased dimensions.
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A. Chair's height
790 mm.
B. Seat height
480 mm.
C. Seat depth
435 mm.
D. Seat width
415 mm.
E. Back's height
310 mm.
F. Back's width
435 mm.
(L х W х H, mm.)
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