Operating conditions

  • - it is required to check construction and it`s components reliability during the assembling process;
  • - during the goods usage tighten the screws when necessary;
  • - chair`s operation is permitted only in dry and heated rooms. The chair is not intended for operations at temperatures below 10 °C and above 45 °C;
  • - do not operate the chair on uneven surfaces (such as the tile) - this may cause the damage to the wheels or (and) footbases;
  • - avoid blows to the chair and any other types of extreme loads;
  • - do not seat on armrests and don`t put any extreme pressure on them;
  • - do not stand up on the chair – that is unsafe;
  • - do not exceed the maximum static load * on a chair and it`s elements (the recommended static load indicated in the specifications for each model on the details page);
  • - it is not recommended to seat in the chair for more than 1 person at a time – this is also a common cause of damage;
  • - please avoide chair`s continuous contact with direct sunlight as well as contact with dyes, solvents, open fire and temperatures above 45 °C;
  • - do not put objects with sharp corners and edges on the chair;
  • - do not use the chair as a means of transportation;
  • - after the delivery in cold season of the year proceed to its assembly and/or operation after not less than 8 hours of its stay in the warm room;
  • - casters with PU cover are to be used on solid surfaces;
* maximum static load is a guaranteed weight that the chair is able to withstand in the absence of manipulation (for example, rolling from place to place) while sitting.
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