Warranty terms and condtitions

Standard warranty term for all our products is 12 months.

Warranty term starts:
- For individuals - date of sale, which is shown in the warranty card;
- For legal entities (in case of purchasing large quantities of goods) - date of sale, which is shown in the account documents, if other conditions are not specified in the contract or its amendments.

In case of a need for a special service, the buyer must contact its direct seller.

Goods to be changed or returned should not be in the exploitation and have any mechanical damage, should be marketable and packed in the original carton in the complete set, and the post-sale period of 14 days should not be expired.

Young Ukraine LTD has the right to refuse the free service request (during 12 months from the sale date), if the product or its element(s):
  • - were broken due to the failure to comply the operating conditions;
  • - were modified by third parties;
  • - were mechanically damaged by the influence of high temperature, open fire, water or which happend due to the failure to comply the terms of storage or delivery.

Terms of service are 14 consuecutive days (starting from the date of products arrival and end with it`s departure to the customer).

If there is a need to transport the product using courier services, the user pays for the delivery to the manufacturer and the manufacturer pays for its way back.

Changed parts and components become the property of the manufacturer.
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